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Software simplifies touchscreen use

Software for touchscreens usually includes a huge range of functions, but this can have a major impact on user friendliness. Besides, many features are unnecessary, confusing and won’t be used. That is why Legamaster has developed Tango Teach and Flipbox, new operating systems that simplify touchscreen use.

“Complex systems are impressive, but they can take time to learn. We wanted to remove that barrier,” said Legamaster’s international product manager, Maarten Banis. “The idea was to strip away everything that was unnecessary and to offer the quality of simplicity. As a result, anyone – even the less experienced computer user – can start using our touchscreen straight away.”

Tango Teach has been designed for use in education, allowing a lesson to be put together in moments. It also offers direct access to Google and YouTube, enabling the users to create
a lesson based on up-to-the-minute topics.

Flipbox is aimed at corporate use, so that users can focus on their presentation. It enables simple wireless connection to tablets, smartphones and laptops, using Apple’s Airplay for iPads and MacBooks.