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Software ready for sales and rental

Many companies sell items, while others rent them, but what if your company does both? At ISE 2018, Jobtura is demonstrating its eponymously named professional software solution, designed to handle both sales and rental processes. Jobtura is a combined CRM and ERP solution that puts sales and rental into one software package.

Using Jobtura, a company can carry out various tasks including creating offers, produce invoices, track orders, manage customers and suppliers and check sales.

“Speed is everything in the sales and rental business,” Boris Bollinger, Jobtura general manager, told the ISE Daily. “With this software, you can make an offer to a customer while you are still on the call, because all the information you need is in front of you.

You can also generate other processes while on the phone. It’s been shown that if you can make on an offer within five minutes, there is a 70% chance of getting the project. But if it takes you a day, it is almost impossible to get the job.”

Jobtura is designed for companies with at least five employees, says Bollinger. “Our largest clients have around 80 employees, but we have just taken one with 700 staff.”