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Smartphone, meet smart subwoofer

Three new subwoofers from Elac that can be paired with a free app running on an iOS or Android device will offer users much simpler control and the ability to easily optimise the speakers for any room.

This will mean no more fiddly adjustments at the rear of the subwoofer. Instead, there are four pre-set modes (Normal, Music, Cinema and Night), plus various pro-audio options, such as a parametric equaliser, a low-pass filter, and individual settings for the power-saving auto-on function.

There is also a calibration function, which uses the microphone on a smartphone to listen to the volume, frequency response and sound reflections in the room before automatically optimising the sound of the subwoofer.

The three models are: the compact SUB 2050, with a 12in chassis and a 500W Class D amplifier; the 600W SUB 2070, which is only slightly larger, but uses a push-pull arrangement with opposing 10in membranes connected to one another by a solid shaft; and the largest model, the 1,000W SUB 2090, which employs the same push-pull configuration, with two 12in membranes.

All three can be connected directly using loudspeaker cables (left, centre, right) or stereo RCA cables. The 2090 and 2070 also offer twin XLR sockets. All three also have a wireless interface for cable-free music streaming.