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SmartMetals’ new VideoWall range

The new VideoWall range from SmartMetals has been designed to provide installers with a completely level mounting surface to which the screen can be attached, overcoming issues with walls that aren't completely straight.

The new VideoWall range from SmartMetals will allow any kind of matrix to be installed on a wall, floor or truss, and is suitable for both permanent installation or hire applications.

One difficulty when mounting a row of displays or a matrix configuration (compared to a single display installation) to a wall is that the larger mounting surface means there are more chances of the wall not being completely straight. Therefore, the VideoWall mount needs to act as a completely level mounting surface to which the screens can be attached. Thanks to its custom-developed aluminium profiles, this mounting challenge – to properly align the displays with one another not only horizontally and vertically, but also in depth – is covered.

The VideoWall also meets the maintenance and replacement challenge, providing an easy way to service the displays and save a lot of time.

SmartMetals can offer the complete package, giving installers the choice of three different types of mounting arm and a wide variety of wall or floor compartments, for large or small VideoWalls.

Stand: 9-F121