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Smart speakers for environmental installations

Two new arrivals are joining the NEO Series of loudspeakers, offering green and weatherproof credentials respectively.

The NEO range has been developed by Equipson’s Work Pro brand which sets itself the objective of maximising savings in energy consumption leading to greater efficiency. Under this environmental philosophy, the brand has developed the NEO 5 A ES, the updated version of the NEO 5 A installation speaker. It offers the smart ability of shutting down when it is not receiving an audio signal, leading to a reduction in its consumption below 1W in these circumstances. Equipson claims that this feature makes it possible to exponentially enhance the performance and efficiency of audio installations.

The second new reference speaker is NEO 5 IP, the waterproof version of the NEO 5. Due to its high IP range (IP65), this two-way passive loudspeaker can withstand unfavourable weather conditions, such as rain or wind and is thus suitable for outdoor installations in complete safety.

Equipson claimed its features and functionalities make NEO 5 IP a good choice for professionals who need to design and install audio systems in medium-sized and large installations, such as terraces, restaurants, hotels and urban complexes.

NEO 5 IP and NEO 5 A ES are available in black as well as white versions, in order to blend in with installation requirements.