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Smart software for smoother work

Experiential technology agency Engage Works has officially launched its CoCreate advanced collaboration software at ISE 2018.

Designed to take workplace collaboration to the next level, CoCreate brings content, data and ideas into a single, digital environment, in order to accelerate the business process. It combines a large touch-screen application – which pulls content from folders to display, annotate and manipulate across the touch surface – with an iPad companion app for the creation of transferable digital notes, pictures and videos. It can also link multiple screens together and send content between them.

Steve Blyth, Engage Works’ founder and group managing director, told the ISE Daily: “We’ve being working on CoCreate as a project for a few years and we’ve just launched it as a product in 2018.

It is a collaborative tool that we’ve developed with companies like EY, PwC, SAP and Accenture, which wanted it to work as a tool to get high staff engagement, making speech smarter and collaboration faster.

It’s cross-platform and is a big portal for assets that we use to showcase our work. We’re working on an iOS version as well.”

CoCreate allows users to access multiple content streams simultaneously in an interactive environment, capturing thought processes in what the company calls a clear visual format.

The CoCreate software is hardware-agnostic and can be retro fitted to existing legacy systems. Fully scalable from tablet to videowall, it is future expansion-friendly on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and is built for touch.

The system is available as a licensed software platform with support or with supplied collaboration hardware.