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Shenzhen Q-Color: Small pitch LEDs in the net

A transparent LED net and small pitch LED TV screens are among the new offerings from Q-Color. Its P2.5mm indoor HD LED TV Screen boasts high refresh rates, high grey level, high brightness, and low power consumption, with a contrast ratio of more than 5,000:1. The system is also lightweight, with a high-precision design that reduces the space needed for the transportation and installation, and offers good heat-dissipation performance with no noise.

It supports adjustable colour temperatures within the 2,500K to 10,000K range, and suggested applications include command and dispatch centres, communication services, airport or highway monitoring, large-scale meeting rooms or conference centres, weather broadcasts, cinemas and TV studios.

Also new is Q-Color’s MS-84 second generation customised-shape transparent LED net screen, which can be fitted in a wide range of applications. The flexible screen is thin and light, and could be used in such applications as stage or lighting backgrounds, sports arenas, or anywhere that needs specially shaped screens.

It uses nylon 10mm-thick PC material that can be curved, folded or hanging. These can be combined to create shapes including ovals, curls and circles. It weighs less than 900g/sqm and is transparent when the power is off (with a transparency of at least 84%). Its modular design means it can be connected quickly to construct a whole screen with a metal-free structure. Pixel pitches for these products can be customised (from 25mm).