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Signing for the times with Kudo

Inclusion: an on-screen example of the Kudo sign language option in action 

The multilingual meeting and event interpretation platform Kudo has added remote sign language interpretation for cloud-based meetings.

The Kudo platform, which already allowed users to follow meetings with real-time interpretation in a language of their choice, now allows a selection for sign language for the hard of hearing through the same dropdown menu on the Kudo app or web application. A video window then pops up on the screen with the half-body image of a professional sign language interpreter in action. 

The sign language interpretation option is portable and works on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Interpreters and participants can be onsite or remotely located, anywhere in the world. 

Fardad Zabetian, founder and CEO of Kudo, said: “We just crossed another threshold and bridged a huge gap. Inclusion has always been at the core of Kudo’s DNA.” 

Kudo maintains a roster of over 1,000 pre-certified interpreters in virtually any language spoken, as well as for the different signed languages used around the world.