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Sightcorp among ISE debutants in Discovery Zone

One of the new features at ISE 2014 was the Discovery Zone, where visitors could check out a host of exciting innovations from first-time exhibitors.

Among these was Sightcorp, which specialises in facial analysis. Its new CrowdSight can analyse crowds of people simultaneously, and give a real-time estimate of age and gender. It also tracks where people are looking and has face recognition to spot if people come back, but it does not store any personal data, “as it is based on anonymous assessment of visual information,” explained Jan Pruis, CEO.

Sightcorp’s other new product, InSight, for individual analysis, is ideal for market research. It can track people’s interest in information or images on screen, and reads their emotions (such as disgust). “That information mix tells researchers how an individual responds to the screen,” he added. “We are able to very accurately track eye movements, which gives the researcher some very interesting information.”

Away from the Discovery Zone, Sightcorp’s technology was also deployed in a smile-tracking display outside the entrance to Hall 2. Show attendees’ expressions were caught on camera and analysed in real tine to determine if they were smiling.