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Show debut for Torus power transformers

The new TOT AVR Series of toroidal isolation power transformers are being debuted at ISE 2016, with specialised models available for use in continental Europe (TOT AVR CE) and the United Kingdom (TOT AVR UK).

Torus Power says the series builds upon its existing TOT products, but adds automatic voltage regulation to the feature set and a new, lower price point.

The company claims its TOT AVR isolation transformers address voltage sags, power line surges, and brownouts that can stress and shorten equipment life.

The AVR technology provides stable voltage to keep equipment running in the optimal range of +/- 10V for international voltages and 115VAC to 125VAC for North America. To accomplish this, TOT AVR continuously monitors incoming voltage to detect high- and low-voltage conditions, and then instantaneously triggers compensating circuitry to ensure the voltage powering equipment is always operating at optimal levels.

Kevin Main, VP sales and marketing for Torus Power, said: “The all new TOT AVR is a real breakthrough for audio/video enthusiasts. With the new lower price point, we’ve made our isolation transformers with automatic voltage regulation an affordable solution for anyone looking to improve the overall performance of their AV system. We are excited to showcase TOT AVR and educate ISE attendees on their significant benefits and differentiation.”

TOT AVR boasts robust features in a compact chassis. Plitron’s NBT noise-filtering technology restores incoming power to its clean original state, delivering an unfettered supply of high-quality audio and video regardless of power-line conditions, says the company.

The TOT AVR series also provides low source impedance to connected components and devices enabling high instantaneous current delivery that ensures dynamic components aren’t starved for power.

The TOT AVR lineup meets both IEC and Neutrik standards, and shelf or rack mount configurations are available.

Stand: 5-R128