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Sensors turn workplace into Smart Workspace

The new sensor-based Smart Workspace from Steinel highlights how office areas are used, can identify potential savings, and helps determine how much space is really required. It also allows flexible workplaces and meeting room booking systems to be organised intelligently and in line with Covid-19 directives. 

The system uses Steinel’s HPD2 optical sensor, which provides information on how many people are in a room or area, and counts how many are present in up to ten defined zones. A single presence detector can watch over an area of up to 100 sq m and makes this information available to Smart Workspace in real time. However, images of people are not used.

For flexibly organised workspaces, there is also a Desk Sharing function that assists in the search for available workspace. Searching for and booking unoccupied meeting rooms is also possible within the Smart Workspace. Functions enable compliance with pandemic-related requirements for hygiene and distancing rules as well as the tracking of potential chains of infection. Thus it can provide additional safety for working in office spaces.