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Sennheiser introduces TeamConnect Wireless

A new wireless audio conferencing solution has been launched by Sennheiser to address the frustrations linked to low quality conference calls such as bad sound and technical issues.

TeamConnect Wireless aims to make it possible to host a high-quality professional sounding conference for up to 24 people that fits into the independent ‘bring your own device’ ethos of modern workplaces.

The touch-sensitive glass control panel on the master unit allows users to connect devices and control calls. They can quickly connect their own Bluetooth smart device or computer wirelessly, with NFC making pairing with compatible devices easy.

USB or jack cables can connect computers or desk phones and additional callers can be added into a conference at any point by simply connecting another device, thanks to support for multiple simultaneous audio channels.

TeamConnect Wireless comes in a glass and aluminium design and is designed to be simple to use with minimal instruction. Once the four wireless units are removed from their charging case, they automatically link together to create a high quality DECT connection for clear speech, in any room or table set up.

Stand: 2-A45