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Sennheiser expands TeamConnect conferencing range at ISE 2016

Sennheiser has announced it is launching TeamConnect Wireless and TeamConnect Ceiling conferencing solutions at ISE next month.

Andy Niemann, director business communication at Sennheiser explained: “Whether you are an audio engineer responsible for sound at a major conference, a manager seeking to set up more effective team conferences, or an individual demanding better sound from your business calls, we will be showcasing an exciting range of solutions that excel through innovative features, unparalleled ease of use and Sennheiser’s characteristic high quality audio performance.”

TeamConnect Wireless is a portable conferencing system for up to 24 participants. The solution is made up of four units linked by wireless DECT connections that allow the system to be configured in a variety of rooms and table setups.

It allows users to connect their own smart device or computer wirelessly via Bluetooth, with NFC making it is easier to pair with compatible devices. Wired connections are also possible via USB or jack cable, making it easy to use with most phones.

TeamConnect Wireless also supports multiple simultaneous audio channels, so it is possible to bring additional callers into an ongoing conference by connecting another device.

Additionally, Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling, a ceiling mounted array microphone for fixed installations, will be making its debut at ISE. The microphone uses beamforming technology that automatically focuses on whoever is speaking. It can be integrated into existing room infrastructure so is suited for professional remote conferencing applications.

Stand: 2-A45

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