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Self-powered ceiling speakers debut

The Ashby Series of self-powered ceiling loudspeakers – the latest addition to a growing family of installation products incorporating the company’s IntelligentDC technology – are making their debut on the Meyer Sound stand. The two new Ashby loudspeakers join seven surface mount models in the existing IntelligentDC line.

The Ashby Series comprises two flush-mount models: the Ashby-5C with a 5in low-mid cone driver and the Ashby-8C with an 8in low-mid driver. Both employ a concentric 0.75’in metal dome tweeter and are housed in integral, quick-mount metal backcans with Phoenix connectors for fast, simple installation in new or retrofit systems.

The dual-driver concentric design is said to provide a uniform 100º dispersion pattern, allowing use of fewer speakers to cover a wide listening area.

As with other IntelligentDC models, Ashby loudspeakers connect to a remote MPS-488HP rack-mount unit that supplies both balanced audio signal and 48V DC power for the amplifier.

Connections are made using a single five-conductor cable, and because no conduit is required by fire codes in most jurisdictions, the cables can be placed in open troughs with quick termination on five-pin Phoenix connectors.

In addition to the two Ashby models, the IntelligentDC line includes five full-range loudspeakers and two subwoofers.