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Seek a sneak peek

Having just confirmed the launch of two new UK Super Centres in London and Liverpool, Quested is teasing visitors to its stand with an unfinished CX12 monitor – a taste of further developments for the company in high-end home cinema installations.

“Our user base includes [film composers] Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams, both of whom exclusively use Quested speakers for their work. It’s a logical move to start developing for high-end home cinema installation,” said director Stuart Down. “There are a lot of speaker brands out there, but Quested is the choice of these people to use when making the music.

“In the cinema product category we’ve got about 14 products now, and those combined give you a portfolio that allow you to do small, medium and large rooms. This is the finishing off of that; we now have what I would say is a very complete line.”

Back in the UK, Sound Network has already secured two Quested Super Centres – Studiocare Professional Audio in Liverpool, and Red Dog Music, London – with access to the full range of Quested Monitoring Systems products.

“The Super Centres also offer another vital tool: the ability to demo products alongside other monitor brands,” added Down. “It is really important to be able to make A/B comparisons, to allow customers to make a truly informed decision.

This is only possible with the investment these Super Centres make, not only in the products, but also through the support of the staff and facilities they offer.”