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All-seeing Owl takes flight

Italian pro-audio manufacturer K-array has chosen ISE 2015 to launch what it calls its most innovative product yet. The KW8, also known as The Owl, is one of the first audio moving heads, including a coaxial 8in transducer and a built-in camera tool to allow users to accurately focus their direction of sound.

The Owl provides up to 500W of power, 120dB of SPL and a frequency range from 60Hz to 19kHz. The KW8 follows in K-array’s tradition of compact speaker design by measuring 45cm x 40cm x 22cm and weighing 10kg.

Even with its uniquely designed housing and unusual facilities, K-array says the KW8 is easy to transport and quick to assemble. DMX, USB, SDI and audio balanced connections offer easy plug-and-play for a wide variety of performance types and venue configurations.

Francesco Maffei, senior product specialist at K-array, said: “The Owl is a perfect solution for a range of applications including live on-stage monitoring, amusement park installations, airports, train stations, DJ effects and theatre installations plus many more still to be discovered.

The flexibility of the Owl will offer an almost limitless number of solutions and in some cases reduce the amount of speakers required for one installation.”
Alex Tatini ,co-president of K-array, explained the thinking behind the Owl: “K-array speaker systems were born out of necessity.

My hunch told me that the market needs to positively respond to the ever changing demands of experts in our sector – creative solutions are continuously being required – which is what drove us to start working on the KW8. ISE is the perfect backdrop for this type of innovation.”