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Secret speakers from Hommbru

Hommbru’s loudspeakers are made out of a solid surface

An individual way to create sound with a solid surface will be brought to ISE by German company Hommbru. 

The loudspeakers are made out of a solid surface, for example composite material or wood, and hidden in the panel itself. There are no fabric coverings or holes, and it fits perfectly into the interior.

The company’s first product was the TV-Sideboard, and this has been followed up by plug-and-play products such as Anton, a waterproof outdoor loudspeaker with integrated light. This combination of speaker, light, stool and design object is, according to the company “unique worldwide”. 

The company also plays a support role to big projects like hotel interior or offices, since the requirements for acoustics in these cases are always extremely high. For this, Hommbru offers a made-to-measure loudspeaker, where the planner or architect decides the size and surface material, so that it can be integrated invisibly into the wall. 

Hommbru is not the first company to develop a distributed mode loudspeaker, but, it says, “is the first to bring science, fundamental research, design and the ability of developing and producing lasting products together”.