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Sculpting water, light and motion

The 3D KineMatrix, a joint development between HD Laserkomponenten and MKT, is making its worldwide debut at the show. This bundle of products melds the capabilities of the HB-Laser 3D HydroMatrix and the MKT Kinetic products, resulting in what is described by the company as ‘a living and weightless 3D sculpture of water, light and motion’.

3D KineMatrix is aimed at indoor, small-space installations such as hotel lobbies, museums, shopping malls, art galleries or the entrances of big companies.

What makes it unique is its size, according to Harald Bohlinger, managing director of HB-Laser. “It’s been miniaturised to fit indoors in any location,” he says. “There are no systems on the market that provide this effect with 50mm distance water jets.

Normally the pump and water fountain system require a minimum distance of 300mm to 400mm.”

This makes 3D KineMatrix capable of creating 3D water sculptures of objects, animations or logos with water, light and motion, according to Bohlinger.

“The water matrix interacts with the kinetic installation, giving the impression that the ball controls the water,” he adds. “It can be programmed, or controlled interactively, all through a software on the backend.”

3D HydroMatrix modules with 10 nozzles and 10 RGBW LEDs each contain all the components necessary for water and lighting staging. For 3D vivid sculptural animations, a matrix arrangement is recommended using a 3D HydroMatrix HD with 50mm or 3D HydroMatrix SD with 100mm pitch.

3D KineMatrix can be combined with other media such as video, laser, light, sound or fog.

Stand: 8-E240