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Screenberry servers from Front Pictures get ISE launch

Kyiv-based creative studio, Front Pictures, is showcasing for the first time a range of its Screenberry media servers at ISE 2018. This solution for real-time extreme high-res multi-screen playback is designed for stage screens, multimedia installations, dome projection, and 3D mapping.

Thanks to its hybrid render engine, a single Screenberry media server can smoothly playback up to 67.1 MP (8x8K) video and output it on up to 72 displays or projectors simultaneously. The server’s built-in powerful autocalibration engine allows the user to seamlessly blend and align projectors and screens in minutes on extreme set ups like domes, spheres, panoramas, and custom multi-screen layouts, claims the company.

The server’s nodebase architecture permits a large number of set ups, configurations and control scenarios. Thanks to the full functional control via IP, users can operate this multimedia powerhouse from anywhere on the planet.

Yuri Kostenko, CEO at Front Pictures, said: ”Screenberry was started in 2007 as an internal media platform as other solutions did not provide us with enough creative freedom. Seeing the results of our work, other media artists started asking us for this ‘magical software’ for their shows and installations. This encouraged us to convert our in-house technology into a product which is now available for the whole industry.”

Stand: 12-F85