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Screen Innovations unveils modular tiling system

The company that introduced Black Diamond ambient light-rejecting screen has announced the introduction of Tiles, the new screen tiling system that, Screen Innovations (SI) claims, redefines the videowall category. Built using the same Black Diamond screen technology, Tiles can create displays as large as 288in wide by 162in high for a 330in diagonal, and is 4K/8K+ rated and UHD/HDR ready.

“Black Diamond has been touted as the best screen that money can buy however, it comes with limitations,” said Skyler Meek, director of marketing for SI. “Because of the extreme engineering required to manufacture the optical qualities in the material, it is limited in height. To overcome this, SI has created a system that uses smaller, rigid tiles precision-bonded together in order to create one larger screen.”

To build a Black Diamond videowall, panels are placed next to each other with what SI says is a nearly invisible seam, and stacked in a running-bond pattern for superior strength. This is achieved by SI’s new computer controlled cutting system, which is said to be capable of cutting to extremely precise specifications.

To ensure that the installation process is as time-efficient and simple as possible, SI has designed a system that is 75% pre-fabricated; each panel then snaps into place with an attachment system that utilises neodymium magnets. According to SI, this installation process allows integrators to assemble a videowall of any size with ease.

Stand: 1-N75