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Scaling the videowall

3D graphic software developer Ventuz Technology and hardware manufacturer eyevis have joined together to show scalable high-end videowall installations at ISE.

The videowall consists of eyevis omniSHAPE displays (small form factor rear-projection cubes that are designed to be easily stackable) that offer great flexibility in terms of installation using any format, size, or shape of videowall. Ventuz claims to offer equal flexibility for the creation of real-time 3D graphics in any resolution and format. The software has been used for many cutting-edge applications, such as multi-touch installations, projection mapping and event graphics.

Ventuz is also working with another partner, XI-Machines, a German manufacturer of high-end workstations, servers and custom solutions, which also created the Vbox certified Ventuz server. XI-Machines’ computing hardware offers clustering features that allow for infinitely scalable Ventuz installations.