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ISE 2016: FrontRow Juno new from Audioropa

Three new products aimed at the education and conference market are being showcased by the Audioropa division of the Humantechnik group.

The FrontRow Juno system is a sound field system to enhance the voice of a speaker or teacher, enabling a more consistent coverage for a classroom.

The wireless IR system with digital platform ensures clear understanding regardless of the student’s seating position, claims the company.

Michael Koger, of Audioropa customer service, said: “The starter system comprises a loudspeaker tower which sits at the front of class, and a teacher microphone that can be worn around the neck.
Because the teacher doesn’t have to speak very loud they can protect their voice.”

“In addition you can have up to four student microphones which you can hand out around the classroom,” Koger added. “There is also an additional loudspeaker, which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling of a larger classroom for more coverage.”

Supplied with a foot and a VESA-compatible wall mount, the system can be used in a portable or a fixed stationary way.

Also on show is a tamper-proof wall-mounted version of the company’s PROLOOP LOS induction loop amplifier. The unit is intended for the operation of low-overspill systems, in large event rooms and conference halls up to 1,000sqm.

The amplifier is equipped with automatic gain control to produce stable sound with high quality speech reproduction, even under difficult acoustic conditions, said the company.

“After you put the cover on it, the unit is fixed and no-one can remove the plugs or readjust the settings.”

Also on show is the PR-22+, a secure IR receiver. “It allows private conversations, and so can used in banks or courtooms,” explained Koger.

Stand: 7-P222