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Satellite Modular Laser System takes centre stage 

Recently installed in Curtin University’s visualisation centre HIVE, the Satellite Modular Laser System (MLS) represents an ingenious imaging solution for what maker Digital Projection says provides building blocks for complex applications.

Launched last summer, the Satellite MLS separates the light source from the projector head, giving integrators greater freedom. It also reduces noise and heat from the audience location. This technology makes high-end RGB laser illumination accessible at a cost-effective price point, according to Mark Wadsworth, VP of global marketing at Digital Projection.

“This offers huge benefits at every stage of a system design, from transportation and installation to serviceability and lifespan,” added Wadsworth. “Each projection head is designed with a closed-loop cooling system, essentially sealing all of the critical optical components from ingress of contaminants. A further benefit of the reduced thermal dissipation and small size is that supplementary environmental enclosures become easier to design and manufacture, further reducing total system costs and complexity.”

The Satellite MLS is developed around WUXGA, native 4K and 8K resolutions and will also incorporate Digital Projection’s MultiView technology.