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Safe track to light and power

AmbienTrack cabling from in-akustik is a new solution to the dangers posed by power cords and data lines running across the room. It consists of attractive strips of anodised aluminium designed for the elegant housing of cables and wires for private or commercial use.

According to in-akustik, the system allows flexibility to create electrical installations in a room without opening up the walls. Switches and sockets are positioned flexibly and reversibly in the room and can be moved anytime without fuss.

The range includes wall and corner columns in various lengths, a skirting board and a skirting board channel, as well as panels and accessories in many different versions. A TV cable channel and TV wall bracket are also part of the standard range.

The cable conduit systems are available in two material finishes and can be mounted in-plaster, partly in-plaster or on-wall.

AmbienArt, an LED strip, can be added to any AmbienTrack model to create elegant lines of light or as subtle lighting to show the way when the main lights are out. The system uses energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology, and can be installed in the track space in one colour or several.

The AmbienArt light system is controlled by a RGB controller, which takes care of changing the colour or dimming the light components. The controller is built in to the wall column
and can be easily operated by remote control.

Another lighting element is the AmbienArt LED cube, which has an edge length of 30mm. Powered by LED the cube can be rotated 360° and individually combined. The cube is available in one colour or in a colour-changing version. Also available is the AmbienArt pendant light, which consists of LED cubes and is attached to thin low-voltage cables.