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‘All rounder’ media player racks up the features

The RAC 02 + Media Player is described as an ‘all-rounder for audio playback’.

Despite its slim 1U design, the player sports a large 2.7in interface within the 19in front panel. This is ideal for easy content handling and clear information display, said IC Audio, as it is able to handle up to six lines of text plus status icons.

Supporting a variety of audio codecs, the RAC 02 + player allows easy navigation and playback through a USB or network-stored library of music files, including AAC/AAC+, MP3, WMA and WAV.

Users can also use the AUX IN or the USB port as an audio source. A ‘Play To’ feature allows media to be pushed from a PC running Windows 7 to the unit when it is operating in Digital Media Renderer (DMR) mode.

In addition, the Media Player provides DAB/DAB+ digital radio with a wide range of channels and digital quality sound broadcasts, as well as FM with RDS (Radio Data System). It also supports internet radio, with access to over 20,000 stations, ‘listen again’ broadcasts and podcasts.