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Roe Visual four-in-one LED panels

Ruby LEDs feature four lenses for better performance and reduced glare

Reflecting the importance of this year’s product releases, Roe Visual’s stand will focus on new products Ruby and Black Quartz.

As a successor to Black Onyx, Ruby LED panels are a new generation of LED panels equipped with features that are beneficial from build to performance. Each four-in-one LED has four individual lenses instead of one large one, resulting in what the company describes as “remarkable LED performance, reduced glare and perfect on-camera performance.” 

The absence of any mask on enables a wide viewing angle, and according to the company, they “give an excellent visual performance for both direct viewing and on-camera visuals.”

Common cathode technology significantly reduces panel temperature, resulting in efficient heat-dissipation, reduced colour differences and higher brightness.

To make installation easier, Ruby incorporates automatic edge-protection on each panel corner, reducing pixel damage, while magnet-assisted assembly and vertically operated side locks with Z-axis correction make assembly quick, accurate and easy.

Also on the stand are the new Black Quartz all-in-one LED solution; fixed installation products Amber, Jasper and Sapphire; and the Black Marble LED floor.