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Robust new TV cart rolls out

Rolling news: Lumi’s TTL15-68FW slimline TV cart

Lumi’s TTF15-68FW heavy-duty studio TV cart is designed to meet the needs of today’s working environment by balancing aesthetics, robustness and, most importantly, flexibility, making it useful for use in open workspaces or for fitting into different areas to enable group discussion or videoconferencing anywhere anytime. 

The TTF15-68FW can handle being either a static TV position for presentations in large conference rooms or classrooms, or be used as a flexible, compact, easily transportable cart. It eliminates the bulky columned structure of traditional TV carts, with sleek aesthetics and a compact design that can blend into most contemporary workspaces, allowing transportation to small and medium-sized areas. 

Its sturdy construction, on 75mm caster wheels, can support up to 120kg and has passed 4x weight capacity tests to ensure the safety of large displays, up to 86in. The hook-hanging design makes it possible for users to mount TVs without needing a technician. 

Stand number: 5A675