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Robert Juliat to feature on Dutch distributor’s stand

Among the array of Robert Juliat products taking centre stage at the AED Distribution stand at this year's ISE will be the ZEP 340LF (pictured), which is sdaid to be ideal for fill lighting in TV studios, as well as for theatres, events and architectural lighting,

As of January, the only Robert Juliat distributor in The Netherlands is AED Distribution, and the latter will be taking the opportunity presented by ISE to highlight a selection of Robert Juliat products.

The ZEP 340LF (pictured) is said to be ideal for fill lighting in TV studios, as well as for theatres, events and architectural lighting. The 340LF’s low heat output extends colour filter life which, along with its long life LEDs (50,000 hours), means that the time between maintenance calls is extended and that it has a low lifetime cost of ownership. It has an electronic, flicker-free, dimmable PSU, and is available with a choice of two (3200K or 6000K) colour temperatures.

The TIBO Fresnel 500 Series from Robert Juliat will also take its place on the AED Distribution stand. It is available in either LED, tungsten or discharge versions, all of which feature a 130mm Fresnel lens.

All versions feature a 360º rotating lens tube and a barn door arrangement with four individually rotating blades. The LED version uses a flicker-free PSU, and is available in three colour temperatures (WW 3000K, NW 4000K and CW 6500K) and a variable white model with colour temperature ranging from 2700K to 5700K. Up to 35 of them can be run from a single 230v/16A domestic power outlet.

The tungsten version can be equipped with 300W, 500W, 600W and 650W lamps and an ellipsoidal reflector. The discharge model uses a 250W HID lamp rated at 8,000 hours and is available in 3000K and 4200K colour temperatures. It features a separate electronic ballast.

Stand: 1-F85