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HDL: Reward energy-conscious guests

Helping hotels reduce costs and minimise environmental impacts is at the heart of ISE 2015 exhibitor HDL’s strategy.

Using the HDL guest rewards program, hotels can help their energy-conscious guests by encouraging them to save water, energy and linen.

The program enables the hotel management system and the guest to monitor in real time the exact amount of resources that are being used. This monitoring is enabled via an iOS or Android application and a specially developed HDL server.

When a user has checked in, they simply download the app and input their room number and personal details. Once this is done, the server syncs the room and phone together, enabling real-time transmission of energy consumption.

Monitoring can also be enabled through the hotel management system, as can the energy consumption guides. These guides can provide a guest with an energy usage target, which if achieved could result in reimbursements or discounts from the guest’s final bill.

If a guest needs new linen or housekeeping, they simply use the app to make their request known. Any maid in the hotel can also use their phone to connect to the system. This allows them to be notified immediately when their services are required.

The checkout process can also be initiated from the guest’s phone. This again saves time and begins the calculation of any discounts or rewards the guest has earned.