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Revolutionary products celebrating 50 years

A brand new, patented tool for installing and servicing LED screens from Daktronics is being shown for the very first time at ISE.

Daktronics installs electronic scoreboards and digital display systems throughout the world, using its own architecture. Daktronics provides a range of customised solutions, from LED video displays in shopping malls and sports venues to digital out-of-home signage. The company suggests that this new product could change the way LED displays are built and maintained.

Jason Melby, international marketing for Daktronics, said: “The typical video display is built using really strong magnets to ensure each panel gets installed in the correct place and stays there.

Unfortunately, this also means that as the magnets are engaged and the panel is drawn in, there is a high risk of damage to the outer LEDs on both the new panel and the ones all around it.

“This product is a real game-changer. The magnets can effectively be disengaged until the panel is in place, simply by twisting a few handles. This means installation time is cut dramatically, the risk of damage is reduced, and the user can replace panels with ease.”

The very first two 2.5mm panels direct from the factory are shown on their stand and the product is available for shipping today. Additional products are in process with the 1.9mm available in the next few months and the 1.5mm expected in the summer.

Additionally, the company is Introducing a new generation of narrow pixel pitch Chip On Board technology that it describes as ‘revolutionary’.

Still at the testing stage, this product is not expected to go to market until mid-2019.

So why has the company chosen to display this on their stand at ISE? Melby explained to the ISE Daily: “Daktronics is 50 years old this year. We’ve stayed at the forefront of innovation all that time and believe there’s no reason to hide behind secrecy.

Although the product is not ready yet, we really wanted it to be seen, to show our stand visitors just what we’re up to and where we’re expecting technology to go.

“This product is currently operating at over 2,000 nits but we’re expecting the final product to exceed that as shown in test conditions.

We’re still testing with a view to improve the viewing angles and colour calibration but it’s a really exciting product that we’re looking forward to releasing next year.”