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Ihiji: Remote network management upgraded

A cloud-based remote network management system, invision from ihiji, is being shown with new tools and enhanced capabilities. The new features offer better network performance, greater visibility, improved remote management and enhanced remote network management capabilities.

invision supports dozens of manufacturers’ products, and now features robust power management with full remote management functionality that goes beyond basic reboot/reset routines. It enables remote management through a centralised dashboard that eliminates multiple platforms and logins, and can supplement or supplant other components to facilitate effective, efficient and proactive power management.

To add further security to its remote network management abilities, ihiji’s ConnectNinja enhances invision’s cloud-based network management by eliminating the need for unsecure port forwarding and VPNs for everyday remote access and allowing technicians to resolve complex issues more easily.

The system also has new cloud-based remote IP Network Scan and Auto-Discovery features that collect data on all IP devices and provide detailed reporting that includes IP address, manufacturer, MAC address, and last-seen/first-seen instances. This can also convert devices that are already in use into ihiji-managed devices, simplifying the configuration process and optimising the result.