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Redefining dedicated theatre sound performance

The new Signature Series line from The DaVinci Group (TDG Audio) is being showcased here at ISE 2017. The IWLCR-66 and IWS-210, the first of the series, are now shipping.

Signature Series targets the specific high performance, high sound pressure level dedicated home theatre market head on. Because of the physical dimensions (660 x 432mm), each model in the Signature Series features robust construction, with an integrated high grade MDF back-box for better performance control, and a new mounting system that attaches the speakers directly into 16in-on-centre studs, virtually eliminating any possible performance-robbing mechanical vibration.

The IWLCR-66 is a large format, in-wall, full range speaker based on dual 6.5in heavy duty drivers designed to be the front left/centre/right speakers in a professionally designed and installed theatre.

It offers a powerful combination of high efficiency (91dB) with high power handling capability(up to 150W).

The IWS-210 in-wall subwoofer utilises a 10in carbon fibre subwoofer and a 10in carbon fibre passive radiator that combine to effectively reproduce the lower octaves of much deeper bass. Carbon fibre is both extremely light and extremely rigid, making it ideal for speakers as it provides for true pistonic movement and extremely low distortion performance. Often found in high-end speaker systems, TDG engineers found it a perfect option for a reference grade theatre speaker system.

“We shipped many more units against backorders than we originally anticipated,” said Jeff Francisco, CEO and president of The DaVinci Group. “The level of enthusiasm for the Signature Series by our dealers has exceeded our most optimistic forecasts.”

Stand: 5-S126