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RCF gives special showcase to digital alarm duo

The DXT 9000 and DXT 3000 digital voice alarm systems, certified to EN 54-16 and EN 54-4, are receiving a special showcase on RCF’s ISE 2015 stand.

The flagship DXT 9000 is a distributed system in which every component, including the loudspeakers, has its own physical address and can be monitored according to current EN 54 standards. It can also be configured after installation where necessary.

While paging and voice evacuation are the primary uses for the DXT 9000, it can also be used to interface with pro audio active speakers through RCF’s RD-NET control and monitoring system.

Described by RCF as having the brains of network technology and the soul of professional audio, the DXT 9000 is completely scalable, ranging in application from small schools or hotels to huge campuses that include multiple buildings.

Another new addition to the DXT family of emergency evacuation systems is the DXT 3000. Designed for wall mounting this offers an integrated solution for small and medium, single or multi-zone applications and responds to the demand for a simple, compact and economical system.

Amplification, control, routing, monitoring and power supply are all integrated, meaning that all the operator has to do is connect the new system to the speakers and fire prevention control unit. It also connects to an emergency microphone console, which comes in two versions, desktop and wall-mounted in a classic red cabinet.

RCF said the DXT 3000 is virtually a plug and play product, ideal for applications such as supermarkets, schools and offices. It also represents a practical solution for installations intended to integrate an existing music and PA system with a voice-only emergency evacuation system that conforms to the latest standards and legislation.

Stand: 7-H185