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Active Audio: RayOn MINI speaker joins its big brothers

Following the launch of the RayOn R60 and R200 speakers in 2014, Active Audio is launching the RayOn MINI.

The RayOn range, says Active Audio, was born of its wish to offer StepArray’s DGRC technology to a wider audience. StepArray loudspeakers are designed to equip large rooms in acoustically challenging environments, such as those in which sound reverberates. Mounted vertically, these columns, whose vertical directivity is digitally controlled, are said to provide excellent reproduction and intelligibility of voice and music.

DGRC – an Active Audio patent – is described as a synthesis of geometric and electronic arrays. The main difference between DGRC columns and other ‘classic’ DSP columns is that they decrease the number of channels to be controlled independently.

Like the other speakers in the range, the RayOn MINI features an aluminium enclosure and can be used in either 100V line or low impedance mode. The RayOn MINI will also be EN54-24 certified for use in a voice alarm system. IP54 certification will ensure that the RayOn MINI, like the rest of the range, can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The RayOn columns are vertically mounted against a wall or pillar, and do not need to be tilted off the wall – so they remain discreet, blending in easily with their surroundings.