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QL Express signage player launch

QL Express, a low-cost, cloud-based digital signage player, is being launched by Navori Labs, blending the company’s high-end digital signage software and multi-platform approach into a USB-powered platform built on the company’s QL Player.

This native media player sports a compact, plug-and-play dongle design, accelerates deployment time and offers a quick learning curve. Additionally, its subscription-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model aims to minimise operating costs for customers, ensuring low total cost of ownership over the player’s lifetime.

QL Express supports flexible network architectures, including 4K-compatible, Android-based networks. From an operational standpoint, QL Express delivers scheduling and playback capabilities along with a built-in, web-based template designer that enables customers to use their own content.

QL Express is scalable and enables migration to the company’s flagship QL Professional platform. Similarly, customers can transition from the QL Express cloud-based SaaS model to an on-premise solution as operational requirements evolve.

Navori Labs is specifically targeting corporations, municipalities, educational institutions, and retail businesses and will package QL Express with complementary services including content provision, training and support.

The company will also offer QL Express as a value-added software service to channel partners and make QL Express available to vendors interested in pre-loading proprietary, hardware-based players with its QL Express software.