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Putting iPads in walls, floors and halls

Tablet computers offer a superb user interface, which is why more and more enterprises are making them the device of choice when it comes to interacting with customers, clients and colleagues. At ISE 2017, German company viveroo is demonstrating a wide range of tablet integration solutions for the Apple iPad.

“We are focusing on the iPad at present, but plan to move into other tablets later on,” said Michael Pelster, viveroo managing director.

iPads can be found in many locations including shops, hotels, smart buildings, galleries and exhibitions, and many of these require specialist integration, “When you use an iPad, it needs to be fixed in one place and ready to go,” said Pelster.

The viveroo stand includes iPads that are built into walls, floors and tables. However, fixed does not mean static, and iPads installed in walls or
tables can, if required, be rotated between landscape and portrait orientation for greater flexibility.

“The possibilities for integration are almost endless,” said Pelster.

Stand: 5-V57