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Products for the future of HDMI

Four new Ethereal products – the Voltage Control Trigger, Active Cable Voltage Stabiliser, and HDM All in One – are being launched by Metra Home Theater Group. These products, the company claims, will solve many problems custom installers and technologists are facing with the latest HDMI technology.

Metra Home Theater Group’s Voltage Control Trigger (HDM-VCT) solves an evolving problem many technologists are experiencing with current displays. In the quest to speed up source selection through display-based inputs, changes have been made to how the hot plug return
signal works.

Devices connected through an AVR, switcher or matrix may not consistently sync to the display due to this signal not requesting an EDID. The HDM-VCT is a compact HDMI device that connects to a relay or digital I/O on a control system, designed to break the signal between the 5V trigger and hot plug signal to create an EDID reset. In addition, the HDM-VCT, with supplemental TMDS voltage, adds 100ms delay to the hot return to ensure that the source is prepared to accept the signal.

The Active Cable Voltage Stabiliser (HDM-ACVS) is designed to supply sufficient voltage and current to televisions to keep all sources, such as matrices and active cables, functioning. Many technologists are facing problems with new displays that do not provide enough power, and result in a failure once active cables are connected. This led Metra Home Theater Group to develop the HDM-ACVS.

The HDM-ACVS is designed to supply the correct voltage and current needed to keep sources and active cables functioning, especially at longer lengths.

Lastly, the HDM All in One (HDM-AIO) encompasses a digital analysis device, voltage swing corrector and voltage control trigger making it the ultimate problem-solving solution. The digital analysis component can correct audio and video timing issues found in HDMI components, including audio drop-outs.

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