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Power players offer clean energy

The AVR2 and the TOT series of toroidal isolation power conditioners are being showcased.

The AVR2 power conditioning lineup is designed for large-scale custom installations such as studios, consumer home theatre and audio system installations, as well as mission-critical applications.

The AVR2 Series features the AVR2 8 CE and AVR2 16 CE, both of which provide enhanced IP-based control and monitoring functionality in addition to automatic voltage regulation, automatic reboots, versatile scheduling options, and individually addressable outlet zones.

The wall-mounted WM versions allow for greater flexibility in projects with dedicated wiring.

The AVR2 and WM models boast toroidal isolation from the main electrical grid, automatic voltage regulation, two levels of surge suppression, remote monitoring and control
and Crestron-compatible RS-232 port.

Offered in two models, the TOT Mini (3A and 7A) and the TOT Max (15A) expand the lineup to include an affordable entry-level price point that also delivers highly effective power conditioning.

TOT Mini is suitable for providing Torus isolated power to components such as digital projectors, flatpanels, powered speakers, media or source players, processors, and network devices. TOT Max features a larger capacity toroidal transformer and can be used with most audio systems and mid-power amplifiers.

Employing Plitron toroidal isolation transformers and NBT noise filtering technology, the TOT Series restores incoming power to its clean original state and protects valuable systems from voltage sags, brownouts and surges.

Torus adds that TOT models also provide very low source impedance to connected devices, enabling high current delivery – up to the rated current limit – on an instantaneous basis; ensuring dynamic components are never starved for power.

The established RM Series power conditioners are also on show, suited for a variety of installations from simple front-end systems to complex custom installations.