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Pop-out panel with smartwatch control

The Intelligent Upanel S is an indoor LED display in Unilumin’s narrow pixel pitch (NPP) family that supports a rather unusual servicing method – the LED modules are removed with the assistance of a smartwatch.

An ‘intelligent’ front access design means that when an installation smartwatch is brought close to the module, it pops out, ensuring zero-LED-damage. Once an old module is replaced by a new one, the system will automatically calibrate it to sync with the rest of the display.

The unit also has a double power and signal supply for failsafe operation.

The slim cabinet doesn’t need a supporting or wall mounting structure. Thanks again to the front access cabinet design, the display, no matter how big, can be mounted straight on the wall, saving costs and also increasing the viewing distance.

The Upanel S also supports hanging and wall mount installation. Moreover, the company claims there is no need to install AC and signal cables between cabinets.

Stand: 12-H57, 12-E58, 12-H40, 12-F45