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Pliant wireless intercoms to cope with ‘wear and tear’

Pliant Technologies is introducing the MicroCom M and MicroCom XR digital wireless intercoms at ISE 2020

The latest digital wireless intercom systems from Pliant Technologies, MicroCom M and MicroCom XR, will be on show at ISE 2020.

The MicroCom systems have been designed to provide a simple to operate and affordable intercom solution where solid wireless performance is required. Available in 2.4GHz and 900MHz (where legal), MicroCom M and MicroCom XR facilitate full-duplex, multi-user intercom for applications requiring the provision of high-quality audio, high range, and low-cost operation.

The compact and water-resistant MicroCom M is a single-channel system that incorporates a 10-hour lithium ion battery operation and has the ability to serve up to five full-duplex users. MicroCom XR is a two-channel intercom system that provides extended range and a 15-hour (field-replaceable) battery, as well as the ability to have up to 10 full-duplex users. It features an easy-to-read OLED display as well as an optional I/O feature for connection to existing intercom systems, a drop-in charger and IP67-rating.

According to Pliant Technologies, both of these lightweight belt packs have been developed to endure the wear and tear of everyday use. Additionally, both the M and XR versions feature the capability to provide unlimited listeners in addition to duplex users, all without the need for a base station.