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Perfect viewing positions at the touch of a button

The CIC automation module, which controls motorised recline/incline mechanisms and articulating headrests, is being showcased for the private cinema/media room industry in Hall 5.

The module consists of an intelligent control box, which is mounted inside the Cineak chair, controlling the motors and drivers and interacting with the control system or any other control components used in the chairs.

The CIC automation module enables the use of the RS-485 protocol, resulting in an accurate and reliable two-wire single bus connection between all the chairs and single connection to the control system. Each of the chairs can be controlled individually via bus ID commands. Adding an RS-485 to IP convertor allows the user to address each of the chairs and their operation via IP. This enables mobile phones and tablets, remote controls and touch panel devices to control operation of the chairs.

The CIC Module and its technology allow for a number of settings, including presets for a user’s preferred seating position and preferred headrest, and an all-off reset feature, where all of the chairs automatically return totheir upright position at one button press.

Another preset sets one seat to a preferential position and all other chairs in the theatre/screening room to automatically recline. It’s also possible to control the footrest, backrest, and articulating headrest from a graphical interface on a touch panel, tablet or smartphone.

Additionally the module can utilise a more ‘intelligent’ push button integrated in the armrest of the chair. This allows the user to have more intelligent controls such as memory settings, single button control, and so on at the push button level in the armrest. The new push button control also features back-lit buttons, allowing users to conveniently locate the controls in the darkness.