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Pearl’s a streamer/recorder

Pearl, the latest streaming/recording device from Epiphan, is a lightweight, portable, all-in-one live video production system with HD video capture from SDI, HDMI (DVI) and VGA and with audio support over SDI and HDMI, or separately via professional stereo TRS audio.

Since its launch last autumn, “Pearl has been very popular for applications in education, live production, medical and more”, and has been getting “tremendous positive feedback from the market”, said Mike Sandler, Epiphan’s CEO.

It is being shown at ISE with several new features, based on customer feedback. Pearl can now capture four streams simultaneously at 30 frames per second or two streams simultaneously at 60fps (with custom multi-source layouts with branding and background mattes). The touchscreen display now includes configuration management capabilities.

“Customers asked for and we’ve implemented custom EDID support, allowing Pearl to capture at the exact specifications each situation requires. We also added support for MP4 recordings (in addition to MOV, AVI, and MPEG-TS) and Pearl now supports secure file transfer as well as CIFS, RSYNC and ftp. These new features make Pearl even easier to deploy and support in variety of applications,” said David Kirk, VP product marketing.

Epiphan is also showing a hardware refresh for VGA Grid and VGA/DVI Recorder Pro, its professional recording and streaming systems. These now have SDI capture support (3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI), with hardware acceleration to increase encoding capability to capture more HD streams simultaneously. Both also now support custom EDIDs, MP4 format recording, and secure file transfer.