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Paging all servers

The Smart Paging Station 8 by BlueLine Digital System, a multifunction distributed AoIP system, has been launched at ISE 2015.

Designed and developed by Work Pro, the new SPS 8 is capable of working as a paging microphone as well as an audio server, thanks to an RCA analogue stereo input. The device converts the analogue signal into digital and sends it to the network, allowing any BLR receiver to tune into the channel. The device can stream input audio and simultaneously send messages recorded by the microphone connected to the front XLR input.

Equipson claims the SPS 8 is the first paging microphone and audio server available and that it is no longer necessary to use a separate device that works as a server in a simple installation. It would be enough to install an SPS 8 device along with as many BLR receivers as were required for the paging zones.

The company suggest a use scenario where a small company with six different meeting rooms or offices might have background music and paging service with one SPS 8, six BLR 2 A and one PoE switch, without requiring additional amplifiers or power supplies.

The new SPS 8 station is also a PoE device, thus can be powered through the same Ethernet cable that carries the microphone signal, analogue audio information, and signal data.