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ISE 2016: InFocus adds to Canvas Touch

Following its October 2015 acquisition of Jupiter Systems, InFocus Corporation has come to ISE 2016 with new products, as well of news of the buyouts last week of Vidco and Avistar. Mark Housley, CEO at InFocus, commented: “Following these acquisitions, over the next couple of years we will be listening to customers, having a dialogue with them; we’ve got the outline and now we just need to get rid of the rough edges so the technology fades away.”

The Jupiter acquisition expands InFocus’ offering to include display wall processor technology, enabling it to provide end to end collaboration solutions. As such, since the acquisition was announced, the company is now shipping new products, Canvas Touch and ConX.

Canvas Touch, the latest addition to the Canvas collaborative visualisation solution, has been developed to offer Canvas customers an all-in-one Canvas touchscreen display. It connects to other Canvas users on smartphones, tablet, PCs, and video walls.

ConX is a collaboration solution offering a customisable combination of products, software and services that allow businesses, schools and facilities to connect to anyone, virtually anywhere, and collaborate. ConX integrates advanced video and information sharing technologies into one fully configurable and scalable solution and offers enterprise-ready solutions, ConX Wall and ConX Exec systems.

Brady O. Bruce, CMO at InFocus and former head of Jupiter Systems, stated: “We want to know what is it that you as a customer feel is your mission? Customers aren’t buying technology. They aren’t after a drill; they want to make a hole in a bit of wood. We are trying to understand that mission, and sell the customer the hole in that piece of wood.”

This March, InFocus will open an EMEA Executive Briefing Center and Training Academy in Frankfurt, as well as providing a base for an InFocus professional services group.

Stand: 9-B140