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Opening Address will promote innovation and creativity

The ISE 2020 Opening Address by Duncan Wardle promises to deliver useful tools for tapping into your innate creativity. It will also be simultaneously available in five languages on smartphones, thanks to a powerful translation service and app

Wardle is the former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney. After surveying 5,000 employees across that entire organisation, he identified five barriers to innovation and creativity in organisations – and set about demolishing them.

Now an independent consultant, though still retaining his links with Disney, he speaks and runs workshops to give individuals and organisations the tools to develop, encourage and implement new business ideas.

“We were all born creative,” he says. “But we’ve just been told so often that we’re not, we’ve forgotten how to be.”

With the title ‘Think Different’, Wardle’s ISE 2020 Opening Address will show how, by releasing people’s latent creativity, innovation can become part of the day-to-day working culture.

The talk will also open new channels of inclusion by engaging the audience in their own language. With technology and translation services provided by ISE exhibitor KUDO, attendees will be able to listen to Duncan Wardle in the language of their choosing. This will greatly enhance the connection between him and ISE’s growing international audience.

Courtesy of KUDO’s services, Wardle’s presentation will be translated in real time from English into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. Listeners onsite and beyond will be able to choose their language through KUDO’s intuitive app, downloaded free on their own smartphones.

In an unprecedented move in the industry, KUDO will also offer a pop-up window for the deaf community to follow in sign language.

The Opening Address will take place on Monday 10 February at 18:00 in the Forum, RAI Amsterdam. It is followed by the ISE 2020 Opening Reception in the Forum Lounge. Both events are free to attend.