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Open and shut case

Belgian stand and rack manufacturer CAYMON has redesigned its flight case range to make it suitable for every mobile installation. The FCE series, CAYMON’s range of professional flight cases on show in Hall 7, has received a major upgrade. This will make it ideal for storage and transportation of cables, accessories, DIs, microphones and other required accessories, says the company.

The FCE series is constructed from high-quality 9mm plywood covered by a ProShield top layer, offering optimal protection for equipment, while the standardised outside dimensions are designed for optimal utilisation of truck or pallet load space.

The internal usable space can be divided in various individual compartments using the FCD divider plates series and FCT trays series, allowing users to organise each flight case according to their own requirements.

CAYMON’s FCI modular rack system can be used to store 19in equipment in up to six rack spaces and is compliant with the common standards for 19in equipment installation. Multiple FCI units can be combined together in matching trunk cases for transportation, and they can also be used when removed from the transportation cases.