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One SMART digital capture board

The original 42in SMART kapp digital capture board is on show at the SMART Technologies stand.

A 21st century replacement for dry-erase boards and flip charts, SMART kapp’s combination of analogue and digital technologies enables users to write on its surface using standard dry erase markers while capturing their work in real-time.

Content can instantly be shared with participants anywhere in the world and saved it in a variety of formats including PDF and Evernote. SMART kapp can be hung on a wall, plugged in and ready for use right away with no need for IT integration or even an internet connection.

The company plans to unveil an 84in version of the SMART Kapp, of which there will also be a rendering at the stand. The larger unit broadens the applications for this solution.

Engineers, designers, trainers, professors, teachers and so on can now use kapp 84 for more comprehensive and larger brainstorming, content creation and collaboration. The larger size makes the SMART kapp suitable for more spaces, from huddle spaces to boardrooms, lecture halls, classrooms, hotels meeting facilities and more.

SMART kapp is now available in North America and the UK and will soon be available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.