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Onboard with frictionless hybrid collaboration

Debuting here at ISE, DTEN Onboard is a shared whiteboard for the hybrid workplace, providing remote and in-office participants with equal access to its digital canvas. It promotes collaboration before, during and after meetings and is optimised for the new, feature-rich Zoom Whiteboard release. 

Rick Corteville, CMO, DTEN, said: “This product works with any Zoom Room that’s set up. If the user already has existing hardware, you can just roll in the Onboard.

“I believe the overall video collaboration space will grow significantly over the next couple of years as companies implement hybrid work plans,” continued Corteville. “If there’s been any silver lining to the pandemic it’s that employers are starting to think about employee wellbeing and how to strike that balance. We’re focusing on how we can use our products to help fuel that collaboration so that productivity remains high, and you still feel connected; where you can feel you can collaborate and contribute even if you’re not physically there.”