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OLED premium signage shows off curves

Moving from the consumer market of mobile devices into B2B signage are LG’s OLED displays, with three sexy screens showcased on the LG stand.

LG’s OLED technology has been designed in three ways for the digital signage market: Curved; Dual View; and Arch.

Each OLED screen creates a spectacular display for advertising and information, and should appeal to the premium retail market primarily, stated Jamie Bugler, head of B2B sales for information displays, UK and Ireland.

“OLED has been a major success in our consumer area, which is why we are moving it into B2B. OLED will be a big push for LG over the next 12 months with products hitting the market in the second half of the year. All these new products will come with our Web OS, so customers can run their signage solutions on our OLED products.”

Because of the durability and flexibility of OLED, it can be bent into a curve. This creates new opportunities for installation and branding as it can be displayed as a screen, or built into bespoke furniture, said Bugler.

The three new OLED products from LG will come at a significantly higher price than regular LCD screens, Bugler added The Curved product will launch first, followed by the Dual View and then the Arch.

Stand: 11-K70