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Octo Sr launch offers multi-room digital audio

Part of the PAX ProAV Group, Xavtel is launching the Octo Sr, the next step up of its three Octo DSP platforms following the standalone DSP Octo Jr.

The Octo Sr is a high-end multi-room digital audio network box with a sizeable DSP engine. Four slots on the back of the unit will accept either analogue or digital cards for up to 32 x 32 channels in a single box.

The eight frontpanel knobs available on the Octo Sr gives the installer the opportunity to program certain functions to control, but also the ability to scale the functionality so that a properly balanced system cannot be driven into distortion.

Octo Sr is equipped with 16 built-in TTL inputs and eight TTL outputs, with Xavtel claiming very sophisticated designs can be built for a wide variety of applications.

For systems requiring a high number of zones and audio inputs, several Octo Sr units can be stacked in the network.

Xavtel says a large variety of I/O cards are now available, as well as the Octo-link bus. To be found on all Octo DSP devices, this proprietary digital audio and data bus provides audio I/O and control over a distance of 250m using Xavtel’s RWD devices and connecting via Cat6 cable.

Simultaneously, several new RWD (remote wall-mounted) devices and the Octo-Amp are also being released by the company.